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The supplier of used Microsoft licenses

Welcome to Vidasoft, the supplier of used Microsoft licenses. Vidasoft supplies software at greatly reduced prices from Dutch and other European companies with a surplus of Microsoft licenses. This surplus can be caused by downsizing, mergers or migration to newer versions.

This concerns business volume licenses such as Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, Select, Open Value and Open Value subscription contracts. In addition, there are also current Open License contracts.

You can purchase these licenses at significantly lower rates from Vidasoft. If you are short of licenses due to growth, company takeovers or an audit, it is not necessary to start using the latest (and therefore most expensive) versions of software. Or maybe your budget is too limited for the latest version. In both cases, used licenses are an excellent alternative.


Kantoor Microsoft

You buy exactly the software licenses you need, but at a much lower price than for new licenses.

Vidasoft guarantees that all software licenses come from EU countries and work in accordance with the EU Directive 2009/24/EC Software.

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Hoe werkt het kopen van tweedehands Microsoft licenses?

Specialist in second-hand licenses

At a European level, Vidasoft is the specialist in trading redundant and no longer used Microsoft software licenses. Vidasoft’s expert team focuses on offering Microsoft volume licenses in the B2B market segment. With more than 15 years of experience, many national and international companies benefit from our services. Vidasoft now supports customers in many European countries.

Microsoft is a leading software provider for many organizations. Organizations need the necessary licenses to use the operating systems and software. With the use of second-hand licenses it is possible to save on IT costs without compromising compliance.

Save on software licenses

How does it work?

The first step is to map out the desired licenses. On this website you can find an overview of the used Microsoft Volume licenses that we offer. Our specialists are happy to help you with this. We know from experience that in addition to saving on second-hand licenses, there are also opportunities for efficient purchasing of licenses.

Vidasoft will make an offer based on an accurate overview of the required licenses. After signing agreement on the quote, you will of course receive an invoice and we will ensure that all necessary delivery documents are sent. After payment of the invoice, you are the owner of the software, just like with the purchase of a regular product.

How does the transaction work?

After you have paid the invoice, you will receive the delivery from us. This can be done on disk, but if you have access to a supplier’s download center (with Microsoft VLSC), you will receive the relevant codes from us (in the case of Microsoft, the KMS code). You can use this to build your own image. If you do not have access to a download center such as Microsoft VLSC, we can provide you with the software.

What language is the software delivered in?

Our used Microsoft licenses are Volume licenses, these licenses can be delivered in the available language. In addition to Dutch, this can also be English, French or German. are delivered in almost every language.

What is the origin of the licenses?

The licenses come from mostly Dutch and European companies, which have too many licenses due to downsizing/reorganizations or who have switched to the latest versions or have made the step to the Cloud and as a result the
no longer use premise licenses. Vidasoft also buys licenses from bankrupt companies. Vidasoft guarantees that the origin of the licenses is the EU territory. This is a requirement to buy and sell second-hand licenses.

Why should I buy used Microsoft licenses?

An inventory of your license position may reveal that you are short of licenses. Buying new is then the first option that your partners will come up with. However, this is also the most expensive option. If you need the latest versions, you can choose to buy “new” used licenses. VidaSoft has the latest versions, but has already been used by another organization. This can quickly result in savings of 50%. It is also possible to buy older versions. These licenses are also offered by Vidasoft. If you buy used Microsoft licenses from Vidasoft, for example Office 2021 or the latest version of SQL Server or RDS CALs, you save a lot of money compared to new licenses.

Is there a risk associated with used licenses?

No. Used licenses are just as good as new licenses. The purchasing process is also risk-free. The jurisprudence is clear and Vidasoft understands its profession. We ensure that the sale/purchase is done properly and according to the rules.

My company is not a complaint with Microsoft, can I purchase a pre-owned license to fix the problem?

Yes. Companies are legally allowed to buy second-hand licenses when they are not compliant. This incompliance often becomes apparent after a “friendly” audit by a company affiliated with Microsoft or by a BSA audit. In such cases it is advisable to purchase second-hand licenses. After all, at Microsoft you can only purchase the latest (more expensive) versions, while the incompliance also concerns older versions. Needless to say, software vendors do not offer or disclose this capability to you. Microsoft often indicates that it is prohibited, but do not be misled: the legislation and jurisprudence is clear and software suppliers must also comply with it.

Which Microsoft products do we offer?

Browse our licensing product categories to see all licenses such as Office , Windows Server , RADS CALs and SQL. This includes virtually all editions of Office and Microsoft SQL Server , Exchange and Windows Server products. We also have more specialized applications, such as Project , Visio , Visual Studio , Dynamics CRM etc.

How long will Microsoft continue to support products?

I would like to purchase an earlier version of a product such as Microsoft Office 2016 , as I have no reason to upgrade to a newer version yet. How long will Microsoft continue to support these products? You can find this information on the Microsoft website.

Can the licenses be used in all industries?

Yes, the licenses provided by Vidasoft can be used in all industries.

Do I need a subscription?

No. The Microsoft licenses used are perpetual, one-time, lifetime licenses. A subscription or monthly payment(s) are not applicable. With a single payment you enjoy the license for life.