Microsoft lifts resale restriction

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6 aug, 2021

Microsoft introduced a restrictive passage in its licensing rules in May 2020. Enterprise customers who moved to the cloud and claimed a discount for it were no longer able to sell their existing licenses. Now the software company has come back to this.

Lifting the restriction

However, since the beginning of June 2021, Microsoft has, without announcing it, removed the passage restricting sales from the licensing terms. Companies that now choose to purchase “Upgrade from SA” licenses to move to the cloud can now freely dispose of licenses that are no longer needed, such as those for Office and Windows.

This is very good news as it means that many companies can now more easily finance the move to the cloud. Many business people don’t know that selling their unnecessary Microsoft licenses can be a profitable source of income.

Conclusion: selling software licenses is possible

If you have moved to the Microsoft cloud in recent years, you can sell us any “On Premise” licenses that you no longer need. The same goes if you want to refinance an upcoming move to the cloud. The Vidasoft team is at your disposal for a purchase offer!