What is the solution to the price increase of Office 365?

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13 apr, 2022

Microsoft increases the rates of cloud services. Office 365 subscription costs have increased between 8 and 25% as of March 1, 2022. Microsoft says about this:

“Microsoft believes now is the right time to update our prices, based on the signs of economic recovery we are seeing around the world and the price increases we have seen from other vendors in the market in recent years. Microsoft has a strong value proposition and a proven track record of consistently delivering new value to our customers.”

Which licensing programs do the new prices apply to?

The new pricing applies to Commercial Volume Licensing, CSP and Web Direct. It does not apply to consumer and education customers.

Cheaper alternative

For businesses that rely on Microsoft 365, the price increase could have a significant impact on their budgets.

If your organization already uses cloud services and benefits from updates, the Hybrid solution is perfect for you. With the hybrid solution, we combine cloud services with perpetual licenses to provide a cost-effective solution that meets all your needs and is tailored to your organization. Vidasoft’s licensing specialists are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

The most economical option is to continue using the on-premise solution for as long as possible. With perpetual licenses you do not run the risk of price increases, since the purchase is a one-off when purchasing the software. You can make significant savings by purchasing secondary licenses of older versions.

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