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Microsoft Visio 2021

Create and share professional diagrams

Easily create professional diagrams with ready-made templates and shapes. Create and validate diagrams that meet industry standards, such as BPMN 2.0 and UML 2.5. Use your finger or a pen to draw and take notes naturally on touch screen devices. Create database visualizations using the built-in database model diagrams.

Visio 2021

Diagramming and visualization tool

Microsoft Visio 2021 is a versatile and comprehensive diagramming and visualization tool that helps individuals and teams communicate complex information, visualize processes, and streamline workflows with precision. With its extensive library of templates, shapes, and intuitive features, Visio 2021 empowers users to create professional diagrams, flowcharts, and visuals to effectively convey ideas, concepts, and data.

Effortless diagram creation

The software offers a user-friendly interface that makes diagramming a breeze. With its extensive library of shapes, symbols, and templates, users can quickly create professional diagrams and visualizations. Whether it’s flowcharts, org charts, floor plans, or process maps, Visio 2021 provides the tools and resources to easily create visually compelling diagrams. The drag-and-drop functionality and smart connectors simplify the process, allowing users to focus on their ideas instead of complex formatting.

Visual data display

Visio 2021 enables users to transform data into visual representations, making complex information easier to understand and analyze. By linking external data sources or importing data from Excel, users can create data-driven charts, graphs, and charts. With the ability to dynamically update data, stakeholders can gain real-time insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions based on visualized data.

Cooperation and communication

Visio 2021 facilitates collaboration and communication within teams and between organizations. Users can collaborate on diagrams in real time, allowing multiple team members to work together at the same time. Integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint enables easy sharing and collaboration on diagrams so everyone is on the same page. Visio 2021 also supports creating interactive diagrams, allowing users to add hyperlinks, tooltips, and other interactive elements for a more engaging and informative experience.

Process Mapping and Workflow Optimization

It is an ideal tool for process mapping and workflow optimization. With its extensive collection of shapes and templates designed specifically for process diagrams, users can easily visualize and document complex processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows. Intuitive layout options, swimlane diagrams and multifunctional flowcharts help users analyze and streamline processes, improving efficiency and productivity.

Professional diagrams and technical drawings

It offers a range of specialized functions for creating professional diagrams and technical drawings. Whether it’s network diagrams, electrical diagrams, or engineering diagrams, Visio 2021 provides the necessary tools and stencils to create accurate and detailed visualizations. Users can take advantage of features such as AutoConnect, shape data and data graphics to create accurate and informative engineering drawings.

Integration with Microsoft 365 and other tools

As part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, Visio 2021 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications and services. Users can use data from Excel, import and export charts to PowerPoint, and collaborate with colleagues using Microsoft Teams. Integration with Power BI allows users to embed Visio diagrams in Power BI reports, improving data visualization and reporting capabilities.


Microsoft Visio 2021 is a powerful diagramming and visualization tool that helps individuals and teams communicate ideas, simplify complex information, and optimize workflows. With its extensive library of shapes, templates, and intuitive features, Visio 2021 empowers users to create professional diagrams and visualizations with ease. Whether it’s process mapping, data visualization, technical drawings, or team collaboration, Visio 2021 provides the tools needed to improve communication, streamline processes, and drive better decision-making.

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