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17 feb, 2023

Often, high-value software remains untouched during a company’s bankruptcy. This could be due to several reasons we observed in our experience.

Lack of license management:

When the IT consultant responsible for license management has left the company, it can be difficult for the trustee to gain insight into the licenses. Today, most software licenses are available online, especially from large companies, adding complexity.

Software valuation:

Determining the value of software is a complex process, even if an inventory list is available. Understanding the value of software licensing can be challenging because of the many factors involved.

At Vidasoft, we understand these challenges and are happy to assist you free of charge! If more detailed information is not available, we will contact the software manufacturer to find out what software the company used and may be able to sell. Based on this information, we can make you an offer for the existing software licenses.

We understand the importance of maximizing the value of a bankrupt company’s software assets. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you unlock the value of unused software licenses during a company’s liquidation. A direct request can be submitted via this page: Sell licenses